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EB Trader Indicator

Um dos melhores indicadores para Bolsa de Valores


One of the phases of developing the indicator by our analysts was carrying out intense backtests to measure the success rate in different types of markets. And the result was a success rate above 90%!


The indicator is based on quantitative strategies used by traders and analysts at the table, in addition to measuring the balance of flow aggression of the major players in the financial market. Methodology used by large funds and HFT's.


Easy and practical indicator. Its intuitive interface helps the trader to make the decision to enter and exit the operation, without emotional criteria, operations without subjectivity!


Your license is Lifetime. You only pay once! After payment you will have access to complete training and also to a VIP group where all information about the financial market is given.


Your capital is at risk. Every investment has risk, so only invest what you don't need.

Binary options trading involves significant risks and may not be suitable for all investors. Make sure you fully understand the risks before investing.

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