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stock Exchange

Check out the Stock Exchange: Simple and Objective course made by Trader Equipe Brasil.


One of the best training courses you will ever experience, simple and objective, and most importantly profitable. We will take you step by step so you can operate on the stock exchange and achieve good results. You don't need to spend hours operating, let's focus entirely on the results. You will be able to achieve good results in the first classes.


In 2021 we transformed a bankroll of R$500.00 into more than R$15,000.00


Only ONE operation per DAY.

See the % profit per month in 2021


Student Testimonials


- Paulo Cesar

"Oops, my name is Paulo and I have been following Antônio who is in charge of Trader Equipe Brasil for over a year. I follow several of his projects and a few months ago I joined the Stock Exchange pilot project following live strategies with him and I come obtaining excellent results and with each new project I am confident in the teaching he imparts."


Your capital is at risk. Every investment has risk, so only invest what you don't need.

Binary options trading involves significant risks and may not be suitable for all investors. Make sure you fully understand the risks before investing.

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